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Let's Mine!

Roll up your sleeves and discover a great time Gem Mining! Bags contain gems, emeralds, fossils, shark teeth, arrowheads, and more! Wash away the sand in our authentic mining sluice and see what treasures you find. While mimicking old-fashioned panning for gold, this fun-filled activity provides a history and geology lesson and is perfect for all ages. Each bag comes with an identification card and collection bag. Remember…you keep what you find. Good luck, miners!

Mining Pricing

  • Paydirt (3 lb) $9.99 Collect Gemstones

  • Strike (5 lb) $12.99 Collect Gemstones and Emeralds

  • Mother Lode (10 lb) $26.99 Collect Gemstones, Fossils, and Arrowheads

  • Mega Strike for $49.99 Contains gemstones, fossils, shark teeth, arrowheads, and a large crystal point

Kayak Rental

Enjoy a serene and delightful kayak adventure, completely free of motorboats! Relax as you paddle around a tranquil 15-acre cove of Lake Keowee, situated in a secluded area of Keowee Toxaway State Park. Encounter turtles, fish, and other wildlife as you kayak!

Kayak Rental Pricing:

$39.00 for 2 hours

$49.00 for 7 hours

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